Moving On Up Part 2 – Jude

We all know that working from home, when we’re not together and aren’t physically seeing each other every day, presents many challenges; makeshift office desks in the kitchen/bedroom/under the stairs (delete as appropriate) but one of the biggest tests is how to keep our not inconsiderable team spirit alive. As good as we all think we are at keeping in touch, the daily Zoom calls, emails, phone calls and team nights in sometimes just don’t cut it.

So last week when Team Mustard took part in a Connection Injection workshop, we were curious to say the least.

Devised by the clever folks at Culture Chameleon, the focus is to give your business clarity to successfully adapt to remote working, and centres around a 6-C Connection Framework:
Care,  Celebration,  Camaraderie,  Commitment,  Creation and Communication.

Each team member now has a section to take responsibility for, oversee, develop and champion and think about innovative ways to incorporate this into My Mustard life.

Watch this space…