LinkedIn vs Facebook ads – Kate

I like LinkedIn. I like Facebook.

They’re both social media platforms, but one is used to brag about your recent business award and the other is used to share photos of your holiday that no one really asked for (just kidding).

Two very different platforms. With very different purposes. But both platforms can target people very, very well.

If you really mean business, then LinkedIn is probably for you. We can reach your ideal client by job title and function, industry and company and seniority, gender and age. We can put a clever bit of code in your website, called a pixel, to collect data about the people who visit your website: including the company they work for, their job title, demographics and job function. We can retarget these people with your ads. We can also create a new audience, called a ‘lookalike’ to target other LinkedIn users who are similar to the people who visit your website already. We can upload spreadsheets of your existing customer base, or data from your CRM system to target, or create a lookalike audience of the people who are most valuable to your business. The opportunities are vast. But we usually stick to keeping it B2B, or business related.

If you’re a B2C business, then Facebook  is for you. We’re all on Facebook. I am. You are. Your Dad is. Your Nan is. Your sister probably set up an account for your dog too. Despite its ‘rocky’ past, it continues to connect more people than any other company ever has. Ever felt like Facebook is listening to you? Maybe stalking you? Or even tells you what you like before you know it? Well, it’s a result of a well-crafted campaign.

If you know that women aged 25-30, who shop in Lush, are vegan and are interested in sustainability buy your products – we can hunt them down. Similarly to LinkedIn, we can put the clever pixel in your site to retarget past website or bricks-and-mortar store visitors, people who abandoned carts, create lookalike audiences and gain valuable insights about the people who matter most to your business. We can upload spreadsheets of existing customers and email newsletter subscribers to target; or create audiences based on them with identical interests, demographics, and behaviours.

LinkedIn is the place where we talk business. It’s a professional networking site. We upload our best, professional, power-pose headshots. We tell the world about our upcoming events, training or the awards we’ve won. It’s designed to help make business connections. It’s unlikely you’re going to buy the latest pair of Jimmy Choo’s when scrolling with your elevenses on a Monday morning.

Facebook is where we share photos of our holiday, share memories and stay connected to friends. We share candid shots, food shots maybe even shots of us doing shots at the weekend. It’s become such an integral part of our routine that we don’t even notice it anymore. As soon as we wake up, on our lunch break and in the evening we scroll (and scroll, and scroll and scroll, and like, and share, and comment, and scroll) to catch up with what our friends are watching; to see the handbag that Nanny has just bought and to see that your friend Dale is sat on the gorgeous beach, sipping an ice-cold daquiri, watching the calm waves roll and listening to the uplifting music of the beach bar on his fourth exotic holiday of the year. Not jealous at all.  You’re more likely to buy the pair of Jimmy Choo’s that you’ve been eyeing up, than you are to close a deal with a new accounting firm.

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