Lessons Learnt – September’s Blog

This month we’ve been reflecting on lessons learnt at My Mustard. In order to move forward successfully, sometimes looking back on what we’ve learnt is just as important. Here’s a few nuggets I’ve picked up along the way…

  • Make your brand clear and consistent. From your front door to out and about to online, your brand should be instantly recognisable and memorable. Even if you do want to amend, update or simply change it, your brand should still be the essence of what you do.
  • Innovation and technology may be constantly changing but one simple thing remains the same: your clients. Whilst we are continually keeping up with the latest marketing tools to track calls, website visits or even where customers may click on a webpage, the clients’ needs are basically the same. As long as you focus on your clients’ requirements, their expectations and business goals, then you are already half way there. What’s important is to combine what your client wants with what technology best fits this need.
  • Your team is your most important resource. The knowledge, skills and creative input from your colleagues cannot be underestimated. Share information by regular communication and you’ll be overwhelmed by what you can learn!
  • Get out there and network. We may all be guilty of getting on with the job in hand, but let’s not forget that networking is the best way to meet new contacts, share ideas and build on existing relationships. And it puts a smile on your face. And there’s usually coffee…
  • If something’s not working, then don’t be afraid to change it. After all the analysing, number crunching, time, effort, resource and hard work, if it’s not right for your business, your clients and your team, it’s not a weakness to accept defeat. Learn and move on.