It’s all a bit pants, isn’t it?

Well, well, well.

(Three holes in the ground – shut up Bit.)

It’s all a bit pants, isn’t it?

People worried about their loved ones health.
Folks missing seeing their families.
Parents “enjoying the challenge” of home schooling.
Businesses under pressure to keep afloat.
Teams worried about their jobs.
The NHS and keyworkers keeping the country going.

It’s more than a bit pants actually. But I don’t fancy the alternative.

Team Mustard have been working at home since 18th March and to be honest I quite miss their little faces. (Sssh, don’t tell them that.)

We are talking regularly and having Discord calls and Zoom catch ups and Google Hangouts and Team Meetings. Who knew? They have not mastered the art of keeping my caffeine levels topped us virtually though, something to make a note of for their appraisals.

We have one Mustardeer on the vulnerable list, one with a daughter with a suspect cough and our creative genius, who always wanted to get something to go viral, well….. is looking kinda viral.

Sixty percent are home schooling – there seems to be a direct growth correlation in their gin consumption but it may be a coincidence.

We are supporting our lovely clients as best we can – businesses will need to stay strong online to weather the storm and we are trying to be proactive in helping them look at alternative ways to get found.

Maybe surprisingly, we have even got some new business, and happy to chat to anyone who needs to get their message online sharpish right now.

We have always been pretty irreverent here – its part of our DNA – never flippant, but if you need a smile check out Bit on Twitter or tune in to our We Are All Going A Tad Mad Spotify list.

Tough times don’t last, tough teams do.

If you need us we are still available on 01442 506070 or email us at

JC (22nd March 2020)