In true Elsa style, “let it go” – Natalie

As you have read previously, I rock up, once a month to the office and grace my colleagues with my presence – you also may remember I introduce the team to my wonderful and wacky ideas under the guise of “camaraderie”.

So what did I make them do this month I hear you ask?

Meditation of course. I mean, think about it, I’m MM’s finance manager. I send invoices every month (bad karma) but pay our bills (good karma), reconcile June’s expenses (someone hates me) and work remotely with two kids (seriously, what did I do in a previous life?) so meditation is a lifeline. In fact, I discovered it when I was knee deep in gin, I mean home schooling. Enough said.

Anyway, after asking the team if they were sat comfortably, we spent 5 whole minutes  listening to an American lady telling us how to stay calm and each individual thought that comes into our mind, attach it to a balloon and in true Elsa style, “let it go”.

Yeah yeah, add “eye rolls”.

But after the first awkward minute of everyone checking if the rest of the team were shutting their eyes (a bit like a school assembly at prayer time) everyone settled down and actually went with it. Those thoughts that entered our chaotic, loud and busy minds during this time, were tied to those balloons and eradicated to allow us to enjoy a short moment of calm, clarity and escapism.

So, what is the point in all of this woo woo stuff?

Well, as I explained to the very zen and chilled team afterwards, the benefits of meditation are huge. Even for just 5 minutes.

Here are a list of benefits for Meditation in the workplace:

1) Relieves built up stress and tension

2) Helps boost employees decision making skills

3) Brain becomes better focussed 

4) Decrease internal and external distractions 

5) Enhance work satisfaction, enhance productivity and general happiness

6) Increase creativity

7) Reduce depression

8) Great for emotional balance

9) Increase memory

10) Increase quality of work

Now tell me why you wouldn’t?
There are some really fab apps available such as Peloton, Calm and Headspace as well as various videos on Youtube.
Allow yourself small moments to regroup and look after yourself and reap the above benefits.
It can work wonders. Now, where’s my herbal tea?