I used to hate selling – Roberta



Onboarding, leads, following up, pipedrive, follow up calls, nurturing the deal, looking for buy-in behaviours, chasing, more emails, a call, waiting, another call, one more call and finally… you’ve bagged that ONE sale.

I’m exhausted just thinking about some company’s lead generation and ‘nurturing a sale’ process. I’d much rather complete the obstacle course on Ninja warrior than adopt the processes of some company’s onboarding. In fact, I’d probably have a higher success rate in Ninja Warrior, lolloping my hefty behind over a fire lit set of monkey bars, than chasing a very cold, soggy lead who didn’t want our service in the first place. 

Have no fear  – LinkedIn is here!

Can you entice your prospective sale with a reaction poll?

A reactions poll is an image with text over asking your audience a quick fire question. The audience responds by hitting the reactions buttons which are built into the LinkedIn comment section.

Get those posts looking sexy. And I mean really sexy. Like you’d want to ask the post out for dinner, kind of sexy. 

 ‘OK but how do I get the content to look sexy in the first place?’

Get yourself a designer. No budget for a designer? Get on Canva. Canva will always be the first port of call to get your visual identity bursting through on your social platforms. 

Posting at peak times will help encourage engagement too. Think pre and post work. 6am -8am and then 7pm-9pm. Depending on what industry you’re in, you can choose more precisely when the best time to post is. 

So you’ve got some reactions on your post. HURRAH! Let’s follow them up with a little search of what industry the prospective sale is in, then send a private message introducing yourself with an offer to try a free sample/ free taster/ free one off.

Although free samples can be an initial expense, offering additional gifts/services to perspectives maintains the value of the brand instead of offering discounts. Getting your (toasty warm lead) to experience the product/ service early on is a huge incentive to connect emotionally with the brand and for the customer to start to invest their time. Afterall, the biggest commodity we all have to buy or sell is our time and how we outsource products and services to either save us time and money or to enhance our lives which will cost the consumer time and money.

So let us know how you get on with these hacks at skipping freezing cold leads and dip your toe into the jacuzzi of easy selling.