Google Grant Changes

Google has recently made lots of changes to the grants programme this means lots of work for us to be getting on with here at Mustard Towers.

If you are a Google Grant user these changes will have to be made to your account, if you are one of our Google Grant clients we will do the work for you, so no need to worry.

Your click through rate will have to be at least 5% … this means keywords and ads will have to be very specific to your campaign, the average click through rate is 2% so the bar has been raised considerably.

Campaigns will all need at least 2 ad groups in, this can be done by splitting your keywords into different sub categories.

You can no longer bid on single keywords, so all your keywords will now be much more specific to your campaigns and the clicks will be much more relevant.

Quality score on keywords has to be above 2, which means the holy trinity of keywords, ad text and landing page must all be tightly related.

The $2 bid cap has been lifted if you are using conversion bidding, this is great news as you can now reach the higher costing keywords that you wouldn’t have been able to before. This will also mean that you will have to be tracking conversions which will prove the impact that your Google Grant has on your organisation.

All this means a lot of account work is needed for existing Google Grants, however, the user experience will be much higher as all ads across the Google network will be of much higher quality.

If you need any help with the Google Grant changes, get in touch to see how we can help you.