Going abroad again… just about! – Nat

It’s been four years since the Brewer family have ventured abroad….the last time was Florence 2018 with my family which was an incredible holiday. We decided in 2019 that we would have a staycation for a change. What a great decision I say through gritted teeth. Little did we know staycations were going to be the only way forward for 2020 and 2021 (sigh).

Anyway In January 2022, I bit the bullet and decided to book flights to Spain. My brother has recently purchased a property in Competa and I was eager to visit and sample a bit of the Spanish sun and Sangria.

3 out of 4 passports needed renewing and I got on the case promptly in the New Year. I had visions of passport offices being inundated with a huge flurrie of people wanting to do the same thing as restrictions were being lifted.

My youngest daughter caught Covid in February and I thought all 4 of us would get it but we didn’t. 7 weeks later, she caught it again (arghhh) and sure enough this time, the rest of us also did. I’m very thankful that, apart from a few days of feeling under the weather, we all recovered well. Phew. That was us done with the dreaded “C” word.

Nothing was going to stop us now. After 2 years of nothingness, let downs, disappointments and managing expectations for everyone, in a handful of weeks we’d be getting on that jet plane and I’d have an ice cold beer in hand. Yay.

After 10 days off, my youngest daughter returned to school. For. One. Day. Yep. And then she got Chicken Pox! Honestly, you would think I was making this up!

Was Spain going to happen in the impending weeks ahead? As some of you may be aware, I took up Gin drinking whilst homeschooling (a drink I can no longer consume I might add). I was now very close to taking up whisky as a new tipple after this. As the 3 of us were still isolating, my amazing friends rallied round to pick Poxycilin, Oats, Eurax cream and wine. Thank god for my friends.

We then got back to some kind of normal and were about to break up for the Easter Holidays, yahooo. The holiday countdown was on! And then after the Friday School cake sale, the kids rushed to get changed from school and there I saw it,…right before my eyes, my eldest daughter now had the Pox!

Man alive. 5 days of more Poxycilin, Oat baths, Eurax cream and more wine (for me not her!) 6 days passed of spottiness and then thank goodness she was over it.

Finally, we were clear to get on the damn plane. Yasss. Norovirus best stay well clear I thought, otherwise I will not be responsible for my actions.

So at this point we had two very excited girls who cannot remember ever going on a plane and 2 tired parents that needed a break from the daily grind.

Luton had never looked so exciting. Got through security, sat down and felt that amazing holiday feeling that I hadn’t felt in ages. In fact, probably not since before having children….this was the first time travelling without pushchairs, bottles, nappies etc. I felt liberated. I couldn’t wait to see my brother and his family, their new apartment and sip on that first pint.

Wow, I do not remember the plane being so loud? Everything seemed magnified or maybe it was just the time that had passed and how you just forget? My 6 & 8 year olds were loving every single minute of it. It was all so exciting.

We arrived safely, got the car, found my brother at some random petrol station and followed him up the hills and windy roads to Competa. What a beautiful place and the views were incredible.

It was Easter Monday and most places were shut, however he took us to a lovely restaurant which served the most amazing half frozen pints and steaks which you cooked yourself on a hot stone. The perfect welcome.

I was in heaven. 

We had a wonderful 4 days, albeit a quick turnaround it was all completely worth it. Bring on more holidays for everyone. I’d forgotten just how good it was for the soul.