Facebook facts

The biggest social media channel there is. Fact. Not only is it used for connecting with old school friends and keeping up to date with those half way around the world but it is one of the best advertising platforms around.

Really? I hear you ask…. I know, we all think too many of us disclose far too much personal information on there. Correct, we do. This is exactly the reason why you need to be tapping into just the 1.94 billion monthly users out there on this highly addictive social tool.

Types of ads Facebook offers…

Think about what action you would like the user to take.

Do you want people to engage with your ad (share or comment on it) like your page, be aware of your business or go to your website?

You need to identify this, before going any further.

Facebook offers lots of different options when it comes to advertising, something for everyone. They really allow you to focus on what you are looking to achieve.

You can “Boost posts” (which tend to be shown higher in your news feed) These help get people engaging with content you share.

If you are looking to increase your audience, try promoting your page. This may also allow you to target new customers as well as engaging with existing ones.

If you are looking to increase traffic or conversions on your website, you can promote your site and send people to a specific page.

Or if you are looking on specific actions, such as driving sales, getting people to claim an offer, raise attendance to an event, this too is also possible.

Identifying your goal is so important for the structure of your campaign. Once you have decided which is right for your business, you can decide who your target audience is.


Facebook allows you to target by age, demographic, interest, location, gender, job title and more. Honestly, the list goes on.

So, when you say people give away too much info on Facebook, this is how you as an advertiser can benefit.

You can tap into all this fabulous profile information to reach out to your ideal customer. Wow, impressive huh, now you wish they asked more questions, right?

Users can then view your advert on the right-hand column, in your news feed, on your mobile or desktop. Genius. So, this means, when a user is spending every waking minute on their Facebook profile, you as an advertiser will be there. Right there.

How much?

You set your budget, how much are you willing to spend to reach that perfect customer. How much is a conversion worth to you?

You only pay when a user clicks on your advert or likes your page. How brilliant. Getting the right traffic is absolutely key.

Now what?

So, you have chosen who you wish to target, you have narrowed them down to how old they are, where they live, what their profession is, if they have any pets, what gender, even what music they like. Now how do we go after them?

It’s all about the image…it really doesn’t matter how good your ad text is, if your image isn’t eye catching and stand out, nobody is going to click on you!

Don’t think you can get away with using your logo, you may love it, (and I’m sure it’s awesome) but believe me, it’s not enough. You need high quality images that are engaging and exciting, draw a user in so much so that they want to, need to see more!

Picture the scene, your potential customer has seen the most eye-catching picture ever, they are there, looking at your product or brand, you have their attention…. now, what’s going to take them to the next step?

You have 25 characters in the headline and 90 in the description. Admittedly not a huge amount, but enough to sell yourself. This is what we do. Really well.

And then we monitor. We refine. See what’s working and what isn’t.

What floats our boat?

After putting all this in place, we can see what is working and what isn’t. I mean, really see what is working, and what isn’t. How? Facebook has a fabulous tool called a Pixel (a bit of geeky code that goes on your website) which allows us to track sales and downloads. Sexy huh?! Yep, this is where Facebook advertising is really really exciting.

We can see which advert is generating sales and which advert isn’t. It really is great. Transparent. Simple as.

Can you remember in the old days, you’d place an advert in your local newspaper and pray for the phone to ring?

There’s none of that now!

Now, that social media tool, that everybody spends too much time on and gives away their inside leg measurements, is starting to appear attractive isn’t it? Just a bit?


Your competitors are already on there…probably doing it badly (hee hee)

Get in touch and find out how Facebook advertising could help your business.