Christmas in February – Nat

Christmas 2020 was a *%^t show I think we can all agree. Well, Christmas 2021 was similar in my opinion. In fact I would go as far as saying even more disappointing.
The run up to Christmas for me is everything, and if you ask my husband, he’ll say it starts on the 6th November (after fireworks night) that is correct, however little does he know it actually starts the end of August. In my head.
Both my daughters birthdays are on the lead up to the end of the year and this is when I showcase my Christmas window (yes, every year, my village have the pleasure of walking past an array of twinkly lights and festive themes) to set the scene and get everyone in the mood.

If you’re anything like me, my weekends are booked out with friends, school events, christmas days and evenings out and every single one of these occasions is justified with a couple of mulled wines, of course.
Nov/Dec 2021 was just that, in fact I would say I crammed in even more because of what we’d missed out on the previous year.
That was of course until my village became an epicentre for Omicron. And every single planned event on the calendar from the 28th November was cancelled. Including the long awaited My Mustard Christmas Do for me. Gutted.

As you are aware, June doesn’t do anything by halves and was planning to treat us all to a fun packed day and evening of fun, food and laughter. What we all needed and the perfect way to round up another bonkers year.

I was totally gutted to miss this….I always enjoy hearing Hugh’s weekend antics or Georgia’s show tunes after a few too many.

One of the things we do every year is secret Santa…..always lots of giggles at who bought what and dreading that one person you pull out the hat that has everything! (June) 

Still, although the main event was tamed right down with limited numbers….we did all manage to celebrate a little bit of a christmas on February 10th 2022. The last team meeting. We exchanged gifts, wished everyone a Merry Christmas and got back into the Chrimbo spirit. I was delighted to be given some lovely earrings and…wait for it…a make your own gingerbread house! The perfect entertainment for kids in February half term! Who knew?!

Anyway, I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and thank you Santa for my lovely pressies. Only 192 days until I start planning…259 until I’m officially allowed to start and 308 days to Chrrrrissssstmasssss!