Changing the culture – Nat

Have you had a break yet this year? We’ve all been counting down to some R&R with loved ones albeit still a bit odd this year- it could be a staycation, a few days at home or maybe you’re desperate for some heat and hopping on the nearest flight to Get Me The Hell Anywhere!

Whatever it maybe, that much needed break may have already happened or is around the corner and my God have you earnt it this year; in a time when any simple pleasures have been taken away and the only priority that was left for many (and unfortunately compromised for some) was work. A lifeline in these times I should also add.

What we do every single day.

It’s hardly a restful experience taking annual leave, we work harder on the run up to make sure we get as much done as we can before we put the Out Of Office on, and then when we are away, in between checking in to a water park or grabbing a few seconds in the breakfast queue we check our emails which can affect our whole mood for the rest of the day, sorry kids.

And then all too soon the day we return is here, wow that anxiety, post-holiday paranoia, what have I missed? The emails mount up, everyone wants a bit of you!


Sound familiar?

If the last 16 months has taught us anything, it is that now, our rest days are more important than they ever have been. It is vital for us to turn off. If we don’t have true ‘’down time’, we run the risk of burn out and actually that’s when mistakes happen, or we become resentful and stress levels are through the roof.

We need to change the culture of always being accessible all the time.
Your down time is not just precious. It is essential.

Take the time to rest and regroup and I guarantee you will improve your work life balance and that way not resent, but recharge and reset your focus correctly, allowing yourself to be top of your game on your return.

We need to actively change the bad habits that we have all become accustomed to since the time when mobile phones allowed us to be engaged 24/7 and not only that, but the recent working from home instruction also means that our daily responsibilities are becoming blurred with home life. 

It’s tiring. It’s dangerous.

Make sure you are up to date with as much as you can before you check out of course, but then turn off.    

Turn. It. Off.