Back to life, back to reality (kinda) Part 6 – Georgia

So, what does life at My Mustard post lockdown look like?

Well over time we gradually moved from the crazy confines of either being on furlough, home schooling (if that’s what you want to call it), working in our front rooms / offices / bedrooms back to the comfort of MM Towers.

How exciting! All back together at last, and the return to some mild form of normality.

I wasn’t sure what I expected to find on my return, but I was pleased to discover that everything was the same, different but the same…

  • June greets us each morning with a cheery ‘hello’ – but now she is armed with a contactless thermometer which she ‘shoots’ us in the head with (she seems to enjoy doing this a bit too much for my liking)
  • We still have our morning catch ups and general office chit chat – but now we talk to each through several layers of Perspex
  • The sash window remains open – but as the weather is chillier it is no longer being held wide open by its usual means, but instead has been replaced by a Heinz tin of chicken soup (other brands of soup are available)
  • Our lovely clients are still keeping us busy and on our toes – but now with new challenges and chasing different markets – plus more than a few exciting clients thrown into the mix
  • Our desks are still covered in papers, mugs, and general paraphernalia but now they sit alongside our very own bottle of hand sanitizer and pack of anti-bac wipes.
  • There are still masses of biscuits on the biscuit table – but now they are individually wrapped
  • The tea and coffee supply is still plentiful – actually, this is the one thing that will never change…

After the recent government announcement some of the team are now working back at home, and although we miss seeing their smiley faces we hope that this crazy situation will soon be under control and they will be able to return to the office.

In the meantime, we will enjoy eating their share of the individually wrapped biscuits.