Back to life, back to reality (kinda) Part 1 – Natalie

How is everyone?

The end is nigh with home schooling, woohoo! Although there’s something kind of wrong here as I’m flitting about buying “teacher gifts” I’m wondering if my children will do the right thing and buy their amazing teacher from the last 4 months a new supply of wine? It’s only fair, right?

However with three school days out of sixty nine to go – yes I’ve been counting down on my new whiteboard – the thought of entertaining the kids COVID style is going to be interesting for the next seven weeks, as well as battle the anxieties for September with staggered starts and a very different 9am-3pm life than we have previously known.

Anyway, amidst of all of this, we had some pretty cool motivational training with Guy from Longshaw Consulting on Friday afternoon which is always such a pleasure. Catching up with the MM team is always so much fun and I find it a big escape from all the madness. Guy got us to fill out some questionnaires in preparation for the afternoon to discover a) what motivates us individually, and b) how motivated we were currently against these criteria.

You know one of those strange moments when you read something that is meant to sum you up, your thoughts, feelings, beliefs etc and it’s actually so spot on it’s scary? Well my report was just that! Wowzers… this told me exactly what made me tick and how I can use this as part of the team and individually. Really insightful to hear how everyone else is fairing and how keeping motivation high is key, whilst being mindful that these days are unnerving for all of us for various different reasons.

We are a solid team here at My Mustard and although we all play our individual roles, we all genuinely care about each other and if we can improve ourselves and how we work together then we are even more invincible, even more crucial in these tricky times.

Thank you Guy for bringing your positivity and expert knowledge on how to make a brilliant team even better.