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1-2-1 Online Strategy

1-2-1CoachingYou’ve got a website but to be honest you can’t keep up with all this online stuff: directories, SEO, Twitter this and Facebook that, what the hell is a meta tag and how on God’s green earth are you going to find the time to cram anything else into your working week?! You know your competition is doing better than you are at it but where should you start? Right here.

We run a series of hands on, plain speaking 1-2-1 coaching sessions where we talk you through the options and opportunities for your online strategy.

  • Why Google is the only real game in town
  • SEO in plain English that even my Nan understands
  • Free tools that you really need to know about
  • Your website is your voice online, what is it saying?
  • The impact you can make on and off the page for free
  • Social media – why you must join the conversation
  • Analytics: it’s all a waste of time if you don’t measure it

“I was google eyed about Google, now I’m a convert!” LC

“Punchy, topical, friendly & great value for money.” GT